Taj Mahal

one of the most Beautiful Tourist Monument in the world
The Best inlay art in the world done by semi precious stones in TAJ MAHAL
Bird Eye view of the best wonder in the world
Taj Mahal
However, the highlight to the inlaid scheme is provided by what is described by the Mughal historians as 'parchin kari'. This was, at the time, the most expensive and up to date form of architectural decoration available to the Mughal architects.
The inlay art (parchin Kari) at the Taj Mahal is one of the finest quality examples of the era. Similar to the Italian technique known as 'pietre dure', a variety of colored stones including lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate and garnet, were used to achieve stunning depictions of the colorful flowers of India.

 Now marble Inlay and Screen (Filigree) work is done in Agra-INDIA as a decorative Table tops and Chess table for the Light Stand under neath Marble Is Reflect in the Light.

 Chess Board in White marble Inlay And Inlaid with malachite,cornelian,mother of Pearl with chess pieces in White and green Granite Marble.

Detail Of Inlaid Art with Semi Precious stones

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